Royalty Visits The WineMakers Cellar
                    May 2010
This past May the WineMakers Cellar was privileged to host a visit by Count Ricardo Esteves.  The Count, a direct descendent of  Bartholomeu Dias of Portugal, the famed Portuguese explorer who first rounded the Horn of Africa in 1487, was on hand to discuss his renown mastery of the European art of distillery.  While at the Cellar, The Count, participated in the Spring Crush by making a barrel of Chilean Syrah which he is confident will bring awards and accolades worldwide.
Now At The WineMakers Cellar
      Cooperage Services
.Cooperage services are now being offered at the WineMakers Cellar.  These services are being supplied by Karl Kasprzak Von Mustardgas.  Karl has studied the old world craft of cooperage under the some of the great masters throughout Europe in such countries as Hungary, Romania and Malta.  He also has achieved vast experience domestically while working in pickle factories.
    Spring Concert Series
   The WineMakers Cellar
The WineMakers Cellar in conjuction with Knowing The Future hosted an evening of  Latin Jazz and wine tasting.  The event was enjoyed by all as over 100 guests danced to the cool sounds of live Latin Jazz on a hot summer night.  The concert series will resume after the fall crush, so stay tuned! 
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Sept 5, 2010 13:01 ET

News Release

Buenos Aires, Argentina – (WineWire – September 5th, 2010) – Von Mustardgas tours Mendoza.  The famed cooper, Karl Kazparak Von Mustardgas spent the Labor Day holiday weekend in the Southern Cone of South America touring the winemaking country of Argentina, particularly the region of Mendoza.  Von Mustardgas also managed to visit the Uco Valley region of Argentina and conduct a brief seminar on the advanced technique of semi micro quantitative analysis of oak as it relates to its interaction with Malbec, Syrah and Carmenere.  Attendance at the seminar was strictly on an invitational basis and attendees walked away overwhelmed by Von Mustardgas’ in-depth cooperage knowledge.  It was the experience of a lifetime for many. While in South America, Von Mustardgas, internationally renown for his humanitarian exploits, also briefly visited Chile after hearing of the trapped Chilean miners recent request for wine.  Von Mustardsgas offered to specially construct a miniature cask out of Portuguese Chestnut  for use in lowering Chilean Malbec to the trapped miners.  The Chilean government graciously declined his offer.  The next stop for Von Mustardgas is Europe where he will briefly confer with his cousin Wolfgang Ludwig Von Mustardgas in the Czech Republic before traveling on to the World Cooperage Summit in The Hague.

The Von Mustardgas
Motorgade departing
Ministro Pistarini International Airport.
Crowds eagerly await the
arrival of Von Mustardgas
in Mendoza.
Von Mustardgas takes time to survey the spring buds in the Uco Valley.
The Master Cooper points to an area in need of improvement on a locally produced barrel.  Von Mustardgas' input proved to be invaluable to the local artisians.
November 1, 2010  11:52 ET

News Release

The Hague, Netherlands - (Winewire - November 1, 2010) - Von Mustardgas Summoned  to Rome.
Karl Von Mustardgas, international humanitarian and the WineMakers Cellar’s own cooper extraordinaire was recently summoned to Rome at the request of the Holy See.  The request, hand delivered by the Vatican’s Charge’ de’affaire Monsignor Luigi Giancono, was presented to Von Mustardgas while he was chairing the working group session  of advanced coopers at the International Cooperage Summit taking place in the Hague.  Upon receiving the request, Von Mustardgas abruptly terminated the working group session and jetted off to Rome.  He promised to resume the working group at the biannual meeting of International Coopers in the spring in Rajevec.  All attendees were extremely disappointed by Von Mustardgas’ departure but understood the urgent need for his services at the Vatican. 

Von Mustardgas awaiting his private audience with the Pontiff
The Swiiss Guard ushering Von Mustardgas to the Archives
The Papal High Mass is celebrated in honor of St. Abden
The gifted hands of Von Mustardgas at work
Upon arriving at the airport in Rome, Von Mustardgas was greeted by an official Papal delegation and whisked off to the Vatican under a cloak of secrecy by the Swiss Guard.  Once at the Vatican, Von Mustardgas was ushered deep inside the Secret Vatican Archives to an area seldom visited by lay people.  It was in the deep, dark recesses of the Archives that Von Mustardgas was introduced to Father Giovanni Piccolo, the office Papal Sommelier.  Father Piccolo then showed Von Mustardgas a most remarkable find. Hidden with the Archives were two very old wooden barrels branded with cryptic writing.  Von Mustardgas examined the barrels and through the use of an advanced technique of radioactive carbon dating (The same method that was pioneered by his uncle Leopold Von Mustardgas while working on the Shroud of Turin project in 1975) he was able to confirm that the two barrels were authentic and dated back to the Avignon Papacy and were once used by Clement V at the original Chatenauf de Pape. Upon hearing the news of the historic find, the current Holy Father rejoiced.  Von Mustardgas then offered to re-coop the barrels specifically for the Holy Father.  The barrels are now holding a special vintage of Spatburgunder, Benedict’s favorite red wine.  Once Von Mustardgas completed his re-cooping of the barrels, the Holy Father invited him to a special private audience.  During the audience they discussed the great rift that had existed between the Von Mustardgas family and the Vatican dating back to when the Von Mustardgas family’s revolutionary cooperage manual was place on the Vatican’s Index Librorum Prohibiturom.  Citing the Von Mustardgas family’s efforts in bringing the Great Irish Potato famine of 1852 to an end, combined with the recent aid offered to the trapped Chilean Miners, the Holy Father offered his apology for the past actions of his predecessors and offered His blessings upon Von Mustardgas.  A Papal High Mass was then celebrated in the Basilica of Saint Peter in honor of St. Abdon, the patron saint of coopers.  Von Mustardgas was deeply touched and pledged his never-ending support to the Holy Father and the Church.  The next stop for Von Mustardgas is a well-deserved rest in San Antonio that will include a tour of the Alamo.